About Bryan Cetlin


Bryan started his musical career playing in a rock band in high school. Since then he’s played in more than 20 bands, spanning genres as diverse as rock, funk, jazz, and showtunes. Bryan graduated cum laude from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in Piano Performance and subsequently studied privately with Charlie Banacos.

Bryan began composing when he was a teenager and brought the skills to bands he played with, including Motion which he cofounded. He carries on this tradition of dual composing and performing with his current band, Jazz Echo.

In his songs, Bryan often uses modulating harmonies to create interest and depth. He tries to capture the emotions of the moment and expose deep inner feelings: hope, desire, or even a buried memory.

After surviving cancer and taking a hiatus for a few years, Bryan began playing with acoustic jazz groups, including his current band Jazz Echo. Playing with the caliber of musicians of Jazz Echo is exciting, challenging, sometimes scary, and most often rewarding.

Challenging himself to set out in new directions, Bryan composes music for Jazz Echo that fits the style of his individual bandmembers, changing as the band does. In turn, they interpret his compositions, adding greater depth and often improving the works.

Bryan also began composing and playing with his son Daniel, who is a classical violinist. Staying true to their respective personal styles, the pair explore the space between their different backgrounds of classical and jazz.